Dishwasher Installation

Dishwasher picture for installation service example.

Professional and quick dishwasher installation in Toronto. Most installs take about an hour. Please note we only install dishwashers that have already been delivered. And, we don’t dispose of the old dishwasher. This would be the responsibility of the customer.

Drywalling and Drywall Repair


Drywall Repair

Small hole, many holes or whole sheets. We can quickly repair drywall and install it all. Old plaster falling off? We have the skills. We actually enjoy taping and mudding drywall!


High Park Handyman routinely installs drywall for up to the size of one room. Anything much bigger and we recommend a drywall installing company.

Brick Repair and Mortar Repairs

Brick Repair Many of us live in old brick homes in the west end of Toronto. And, some of the masonry is falling apart unfortunately. High Park Handyman can happily do minor brick repairs including replacing a brick or two. Book us for all of your smaller brick repair jobs this summer. Mortar Repairs Hot … Read more

Hanging and Mounting

Picture of shelf mounted on wall as an example of hanging and mounting services.

We will happily hang or mount pretty much anything for you. T.V.s, mirrors, paintings, pictures, shelves, towel racks, toilet paper holders, shower curtains, hooks, drapes, medicine cabinets, artwork etc. Book hanging and mounting services in Toronto today!

Painting and Priming

While we’re at your home we can paint too! Maybe you want us to prime and paint the drywall we just installed or repaired, or maybe you want a fresh new colour in your bathroom. We will paint it all for you.

Unclogging Drains and Snaking Drains

Drain Snaking and Unclogging Drains

Have a clogged or maybe a slow drain?

We can unclog most drains with our plumbing snakes. High Park Handyman is snaking drains in Toronto today.