Handyman Rates and Pricing Details

Handyman rates and pricing details are clearly very important, and hiring professionals to complete ALL of your projects shouldn’t have to be costly. Here at High Park Handyman you get the best bang for your buck, with a trustworthy, professional and reliable one-stop-shop service.

Handyman Rates

Handyman rates start at a minimum flat rate of $120 for the first hour plus tax. And, $100/hour plus tax for labour thereafter.

Material costs, if they’re required, are on top of that (no mark up). It’s a simple, no nonsense, straight forward handyman price for all of our services and for professionally completing all of your projects.

Job Quote

If you’re not sure roughly how long it should take to complete your job/s, you can fill out a form below. Enter a few details, and maybe a picture or two. Click the “Submit” button, and we’ll email you an estimate of project completion time.

We only work and bill by the hour. So, we don’t normally give an estimated total dollar amount. The price will be our rate x time, plus material costs.

Schedule an Appointment

If you figure you already know roughly how long your project list should take, or we have just told you how long it should take, click the “Book” button and get things rolling.

In our booking tool, click on a box with the required amount of job time. Select your preferred day, and time for us to come and complete the work. Then enter your contact details along with a job description in the “Appointment notes” section.

Service Agreement

Once you have booked the appointment, you will receive two emails. The first to say we received your appointment request, and the second is an email with a service agreement.

We require you to read and sign the service agreement for your benefit and for ours (easy online signing). After you’ve signed the agreement, we’ll confirm your booking, and you’ve locked in our service. Lastly, you can expect an email reminder of your booking a day prior the the job. And, we look forward to serving you and completing ALL of your jobs!

The best way and our preferred way to get us to come and complete your job is to book us using the book button. However, if you are really unsure roughly how long it will take for your job, then please fill out the form below. We’ll try to get back to you soon as possible, but we’re usually working!

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     Or, just click the button below and get your project rolling.

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