Brick Repair and Mortar Repairs

Book High Park Handyman this summer for all of your minor brick and mortar repairs.

Hot tip! Old Toronto homes have very soft brick compared to newer homes. When repairing or re-pointing the mortar joints, it is very important not to use a regular, “S” type mortar, or cement. Mortar that’s harder than the brick can result in chipping and accelerated aging of the bricks. ONLY use type “N” or softer mortar to re-point old bricks.

Mortar Repairs

Brick Repair

Many of us live in old brick homes in the west end of Toronto. And, some of the masonry is falling apart unfortunately. High Park Handyman can happily do minor brick repairs including replacing a brick or two. Book us for all of your smaller brick repair jobs this summer.

Mortar repair before and after pics