Co-Vid 19

Like everyone else, we are concerned about Co-Vid 19. We monitor government health recommendations. High Park Handyman is proud that we take our health, and the communities’ health seriously.

And, we’re pleased that we are triple vaccinated. At this time, we carry a mask to all jobs and wear one if a client wears one, or asks us to wear one. We use hand sanitizer prior to all jobs. In addition, we adhere to and implement all federal, Ontario, and Toronto Health Co-Vid 19 health guidelines. This includes updated guidelines for operating a business in Toronto.

We are not travelling outside of Ontario. Importantly, we do not schedule any jobs if exhibiting any of the Co-Vid 19 symptoms, have been exposed to anyone with symptoms, or have been exposed to anyone that has tested positive. If we do have reason to worry about exposure or symptoms, we will self isolate and take a rapid antigen test.

If you schedule a job with us and:

a) are experiencing any symptoms,

b) have been exposed to someone with symptoms,

c) been exposed to anyone with a positive Co-Vid 19 test result,

we will need you to email us as soon possible. We will reschedule the appointment to a future date. If you want to reschedule, simply click here and then enter your cell number. You will be texted a code that you then enter to take you to your booking profile where you can edit your appointment.

The following link is the Government of Ontario self assessment test: self assessment test. We encourage anyone who was exposed, exhibits symptoms, or needs a screening to use this test.

We wish everyone a happy and healthy 2023 and thank you for your patronage and support.