Sliding Barn Doors and Pocket Doors

Sliding barn and pocket doors are fun and cool. Have a small interior space that needs a door? A pocket door could be the perfect solution.

Pocket Doors

We can retro install pocket doors where ever it’s possible. There just has to be a wide enough space for the door to slide into. And, almost as important, there can’t be any obstacles in the wall such as plumbing, hvac, or electrical. Of course, obstacles can almost always be moved, but that increases the time and budget for the project.

Barn Doors

Have a fence and want a larger opening with easy access? How about a sliding barn door that conveniently opens your fence up for a car or for ease of moving.

We install any kind of sliding door you can dream up for your indoor and outdoor spaces. Book us to install a sliding barn door or pocket door today. Slide into happiness with High Park Handyman today!

Fence sliding barn door pic
Before and after pic of fence with sliding barn door handyman dovercourt